Many people have asked me what happened to the old Stockscotland photo-library?


In 2009 I took the decision to close down the Stockscotland photo-library in order to concentrate full-time on the publishing venture I'd started a few years before.


I am pleased to say that my publishing venture has done well and that I now publish a range of more than thirty popular calendars which covers the whole of Scotland from Shetland to The Scottish Borders. The range also includes three areas in the North of England.


You can find details of The Wee Calendar Company here -






I never intended to permanently give up supplying stock photography. Toward the end of 2015 I began the job of constructing a new stock photography site. Unlike the old Stockscotland library the new library will only feature my own work. Its holdings will include only the best of  my images from the Stockscotland era, the best of my images taken for The Wee Calendar Company and any of my new work suitable for stock use. 

The Project is currently in its early stages but if you are interested you can follow its progress here -








I am also working on a long term personal project called Pentland Sea - again, it's early days, but you can follow my progress here if you'd care to.


















Hugh Webster, Lairg, Sutherland - January 2016.      


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TEL: 01549 402295.  MOB: 07739 795051.  EMAIL: STOCKSCOTLAND@GMAIL.COM

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